CLEARANCE! 2023 Calendar-Ghosts of WWI - Reg. $17.99

Featuring 12 magnificent air-to-air color photographs of the combat aircraft of World War I by Master Aviation Photographer Philip Makanna. Each month is suitable for framing. Includes a unique chronological history of the aviation events of the war, as well as specifications and silhouettes. Each page is 20" x 14" and opens to 20" x 28".

Aircraft Included: Sopwith Pups, Curtis JN-4H "Jenny", Albatros D11, Royal Aircraft Factory FE, Royal Aircraft Factory, Caudron G. III, Royal Aircraft Factory BE.x, Sopwith Pup, Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a, Fokker D.VII, Albatros D.Va, Royal Aircraft Factory BE.

CLEARANCE! 2023 Calendar-Ghosts of WWI - Reg. $17.99


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