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Apollo Expeditions to the Moon: The NASA History 50th Anniversary Edition

This special edition of Apollo Expeditions to the Moon, an official NASA publication, commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the July 20, 1969 Moon landing with a thrilling insider's view of the space program. Essays by participants — engineers, astronauts, and administrators — recall the program's unprecedented challenges. This compelling adventure features more than 160 dazzling color photographs and scores of black-and-white illustrations.

Plane Spotter Cards

Easily recognize aircraft with this handy guide! Passenger & Military.

Galloping on Wings

Galloping on Wings with the P-51 Mustang is the action-packed autobiography by air race pilot Howie Keefe. Howie Keefe, USNR (retired), takes you behind the scenes to get a personal glimpse into the amazing and precarious world of air racing.

Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms

The ASA Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms, now in its Seventh Edition, is a vital reference tool that belongs on every aviation bookshelf.

Honest Vision: The Donald Douglas Story

THE LEGENDARY DOUGLAS DC-3 flies on in the hearts of aviators around the globe, but few today know much about the man with the vision that brought her to the skies. From the author of Together We Fly: Voices From The DC-3 comes an exploration into the life of Donald Wills Douglas, founder of the Douglas Aircraft Company, a genius innovator and engineer.

The Golden years of Flying

The Golden Years of Flying—As We Remember is the legacy of an earlier day in aviation history, recorded by one of the pilots who shared this experience and wrote down his fellow pilots' stories.

Together We Fly

Together We Fly: Voices From the DC-3 is the story of an aircraft like none other - a true legend, the icon of an industry and one of the most recognized aircraft in history. Today, more than 75 years after her first flight, the DC-3 graces the skies of the 21st century.

Practical Aviation & Aerospace Law

Practical Aviation & Aerospace Law provides readers with the basic legal knowledge and perspective to understand how the legal system works in this industry. This seventh edition reflects recent judicial decisions and changes in statutory, regulatory and international treaty law. It covers topics surrounding the burgeoning unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and commercial spaceflight segments as well, from an increasingly global viewpoint.


This book is for anyone who's dreamed of flying.

Aircraft Dispatch Oral Exam Guide

Aircraft Dispatchers are a critical link in air safety and a viable career option for many aviators. This exciting career path is experiencing tremendous growth, placing dispatchers in high demand as the worldwide increase in air travel continues.

A Hunger for the Sky

Let’s go flying! This book lets you delve into the lives of nine women who have earned their wings. Learn about their challenges and their triumphs as they share their personal stories!

My Father, My Friends

This book features ten veterans who share their memories of their World War II experiences.

Tales of Timeless Wings

This book conveys the stories of more than a dozen pilots who have devoted a great portion of their lives to the preservation of aircraft that have been in their families for decades.


Where can drones fly that no human would dare? Why do engineers turn to nature to design new flying machines? Could a drone space rover reveal the secrets of distant planets? How can a fire rescue drone save lives? Fast, agile and cheap to build, drones offer all the benefits of flight with no risk to any pilot. Already vital tools for the world's armed forces, drones in our towns and cities could transform the way we live, work, and play."