Guide to Biennial Flight Review

Make sure you are well prepared for your next flight review by reading the seventh edition of Guide to the Flight Review by Jackie Spanitz. Based on the popular Oral Exam Guide series by Michael Hayes, this book provides complete preparation for issuing or taking a flight review.

Guide to the Flight Review delivers valuable information in a question and answer format, providing an excellent study and preparation tool for students, pilots, and instructors alike. Flight instructors and FAA authorized flight review administrators will find this guide to be extremely helpful in developing a well-rounded flight review tailored to the applicants' needs. Applicants will learn what to expect in their upcoming flight review, refresh their knowledge, and renew their confidence, all of which will ensure safe practices while in flight.

This new seventh edition includes current FAA guidance on flight reviews including AC 61-98B and AC 61-91J Wings Pilot Proficiency Program. Other additions include new information on special flight permits, ADs, EFBs, airport markings and signs, runway incursion avoidance, risk management, and an updated checklist to reflect the current PTS.

Softcover, 176 pages.

Guide to Biennial Flight Review


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