Planes, Jets & Helicopters:Paper Airplanes

"Make your own fantastic paper airplanes! If you like to make paper airplanes, you'll love Planes, Jets, and Helicopters. Here, expert paper airplane builder John Bringhurst presents two dozen of his favorite paper airplane designs."

Fold-by-fold, illustrated instructions show you how to make your own:

- Long-winged glider
- Finned-wing airplane
- Hornet jet
- Twin-fin jet
- Stealth flying wing  
- Navy jet
- Rounded-wing airplane
- Biplane
- Aerobatic jet
- Batwing
- Canard jet
- Broad-winged helicopter

Includes helpful flight tips for each design
No scissors, glue, or tape required

Planes, Jets & Helicopters:Paper Airplanes


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