Desk Nameplate-Metal

Special Order Item.  Due to manufacturer's requirements, order must include minimum of 2 desk sets per order (3 if insert only).  Orders for fewer than 2 pieces will incur a $25 less-than-minimum fee. Can combine different names to reach minimum.  

Custom metal-framed desk plate with engraved insert. Frame color & size: Silver or Gold in 2" x 10", 2" x 8" or 1.5" x 9". Plate color: blue, gold, silver or black.  Typestyle: Gothic (block), Script or 3-line Helvetica (block but wider letters).  Comes standard with FAA seal.    

Insert only can be ordered for $14.95 each. 

Special order item - please contact us at (405) 681-3513 for ordering info & payment.  


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Desk Nameplate-Metal


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