Secure Classic ID Holder

From Identity Stronghold. The perfect choice for TWIC, HSPD-12 PIV, CAC, HID iClass, LincPass and other RFID enabled cards. Don't risk identity theft, invasion of privacy, tracking, or even card cloning. Clear frame only.

The Secure Badgeholder Classic is designed to hold and shield a single identification card. Our Squeeze to Read™ technology allows the card to be read by simply squeezing the tabs at the top. Release the tabs and the card is shielded again. Perfect when your hands are full, or when you are wearing gloves! Made of extremely durable polycarbonate with stainless steel springs, ideal for salt-water environments. Insert and remove your card from the top. The state-of-the-art unique open face design keeps the card locked-in to prevent loss, yet allows easy access to remove the card when necessary. Meets the FIPS-201 requirements for an electromagnetically opaque sleeve. It provides a barrier to invasive or unwanted communications with the card and puts the user in control of where and when the card is read.

Secure Classic ID Holder


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